“The State is Losing Out Out on a Haredi 8200”

In a full-length interview in Yisrael Hayom, Eli Paley and Nitsa (Kasir) Kaliner expound on the potential to maximize the Haredi community’s contributions to Israeli society, with proper data, policy planning and dialogue:

“I think they should enlist, but I’m also realistic and know that after 70 years it won’t happen overnight just because there is a law. But what is more important, and it is important for all citizens to understand, even the most secular, is that the issue of service and employment must not be bound. If we adopt an attitude of banning them from working, we punish not only the ultra-Orthodox, but ourselves as a society. The economy will be hit, overall productivity will fall and the burden of allowances, meaning our taxes, will be heavier. We’ll lose out in all directions.” — Nitsa (Kaliner) Kasir

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