The Haredi Institute for Public Affairs was established in 2014 by businessman and philanthropist Eli Paley, to facilitate innovative thinking, cooperation, and progress on issues of mutual concern for Israel’s Haredi population and society at-large.

The Institute serves as a leading knowledge resource on the Haredi community. The Institute provides a professional approach to designing policy and actionable strategies relating to Haredi society, and produces related research, recommendations, and initiatives. Whenever possible, the Institute collaborates with government ministries, Knesset committees, local municipalities, philanthropic foundations and leading social initiatives in Israel.

Our Vision

Maximizing the unique assets and contributions of Haredi society is critical to Israel’s future as a vital and secure nation.
The Institute envisions Israel’s Haredi population as a full civic partner-sharing responsibility for socioeconomic challenges and increasing opportunities for prosperity, while preserving its own character and values.


Since its establishment in 2014 the Institute has become recognized as a leading knowledge resource on key socioeconomic issues relating to Haredim through:

  • Publishing databases, studies and policy papers on key socioeconomic issues
  • Joint ventures with various government ministries (Treasury, Housing, Education, Welfare, Interior)
  • Participating in and convening leading conferences on issues related to Israel’s economy and society
  • Consulting with Haredi leadership in Israel and abroad to secure their endorsement.

Haredi Institute for Public Affairs Brochure