Eli Paley


Eli Paley, an alumnus of the Chevron Yeshiva, is owner of Mishpacha Media Group and publisher of the Mishpacha weekly magazine for the haredi and Dati sectors, in Israel and abroad, in Hebrew and English. He is a businessman and social activist, and is chairman of the Paley Family Foundation which supports and promotes Torah centers and social initiatives in the haredi community. He is a member of the Jewish Funders Network and is active in several philanthropic organizations.

Nitsa (Kaliner) Kasir

Vice Chairman

Nitsa (Kaliner) Kasir is head of the labor market and social policy divisions of the Bank of Israel’s Research Department. She has over thirty years’ experience in social and economic research and extensive experience in working with policymakers and various entities in Israel and abroad. She is a board member of the Israel Forum for Diversity Hiring, is a member of various policy committees, and headed the committee on economics and employment in the Elalouf Committee. She volunteers in various fora advancing social issues.

Yehuda Nachshoni

Board Member

Yehuda Nachshoni is CEO of Mishpacha Media Group and Mishpacha weekly magazine. He is a member of the presidium of the Israel Press Council and a member of the Tel Aviv Journalists Association.

Yitzchak Pindrus

Board Member

Yitzhak Pindrus is an alumnus of Yeshivas Aderes Eliyahu in the Old City. He is a council member of the Jerusalem Municipality and director of several municipal corporations, including MATI, Gihon and the Nahal Sorek Drainage Authority. He is former mayor of Beitar Illit and Acting and Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem.

Yoram Margalioth

Senior Fellow

Yoram Margalioth, full professor, Tel Aviv university faculty of Law. Specializes in Taxation and Tax Policy (Public Finance). Director of the Law and Philanthropy Institute. Taught at Harvard, NYU, Northwestern, Monash, Toronto and NUS. Teaching the first Coursera course (MOOC) in law in Israel. Published over 60 papers, in leading academic journals in law and in economics, in Israel and abroad.

Dr. Dmitri Romanov


Former chief scientist of the central bureau of statistics

Yisrael Tik


Yisrael Tik is an alumnus of Yeshivat Nachalat David, and holds a BA in Education. He has served as head of the education division of the Beitar Illit Municipality for some fifteen years. Previously he served as chairman of the public committee of the Ministry of Education and the Jerusalem Municipality to assess the city’s special education system. He has extensive experience in consulting and developing educational systems in cities and local authorities as well as contending with youth on the fringe and their placement in suitable educational frameworks.

Hila Aftergut

Managing Director

Hila holds a BA in economics and management from the Open University. She is former deputy director of Mishpacha Magazine, English edition. She is a member of the Jewish Funders Network and the manager of the Paley Family Foundation which supports and promotes Torah institutions and social initiatives in the haredi community.

Dr. Shlomit Shahino-Kesler

Chief Researcher

Shlomit earned her doctorate in political science from Hebrew University, in the presidential merit scholarship program. She is a Founding Member of the Agora Policy think tank and former research coordinator at the Mandel Leadership Institute’s Senior Civil Service Program. She has served as academic mentor to students at the Hebrew University and Sapir College.

Yehudit Miletzky

Senior Researcher

Yehudit holds an MA in social-organizational psychology from the Hebrew University and a BA in psychology and Middle Eastern studies. Previously she served as an organizational consultant for the Tzofnat Institute. She is a group facilitator and develops training programs for organizations and institutions.

Assaf Tsachor-Shai

Senior Researcher

Assaf holds a triple-major BA in philosophy, economics and political science and is presently an MA student at the Hebrew University’s public policy and economics honors program. Previously he served as research assistant at the Bank of Israel’s Research Department. He has an impressive background in working with youth, particularly youth at risk.

Noam Marsha


Noam is a BA student in Hebrew University’s triple-major program in philosophy, economics and political science, and is an alumnus of the Otniel yeshiva. Previously he worked in the accounting department of the Finance Ministry’s Pension Benefit Administration and interned in MK Eli Elalouf’s office. He is a volunteer with the Aharai young leadership organization.

Eliyahu Berkovits


Eliyahu is an alumnus of the Mir Yeshiva and Ateres Yisrael. He holds a BA (with honors) in the humanities, an MA in Jewish studies from the Hebrew University, and is currently completing his doctoral research in Jewish studies. Previously he served as research assistant in Hebrew University’s faculty of law.

Sara Rubin


Director of national program for children and youth at risk and former Director of beitar illit's special education department

Lea Dambeck

Office manager