• Amir Biram

    Amir Biram founded British Israel Investments and managed it for eight years, transforming it into a leader of the mall and shopping center sector in Israel. In 2011, Mr. Biram established the JTLV Fund, and transforms his vision for malls, shopping centers and urban compounds in Israel into reality. He is actively involved in several nonprofits including: Chut Hameshulash for Youth at Risk, Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem Foundation, Kemach Foundation, Ayalim and Ruach Chadashah. Foundation, Ayalim, and Ruach Chadasha.

  • Michael Eisenberg

    Equal Partner at Aleph, an early stage venture capital fund which serves Israeli entrepreneurs who want to build high growth, scalable, global businesses. Prior to Aleph, Michael was a General Partner at Benchmark Capital, and continues as the partner responsible for Benchmark’s Israeli portfolio. He has invested in, sat and sits on the boards of Israel’s leading companies and startups. Michael writes a blog called “Six Kids and a Full Time Job”, and authored several books including his latest release, “The Tree of Life and Prosperity. Michael serves on the Board of the Shomer Hachadash and Yeshivat Har Etzion and lectures frequently on the topics of Venture Capital, Israel and Entrepreneurship. Michael lives in Jerusalem, Israel with his wife and eight children.

  • Joseph I. Kazarnovsky

    A principal of Fieldstone Properties that specializes in improving multi-family properties throughout the Northeast of the United States. Committed to building Yeshivos that enable each Rebbe to devote their full time to deliver the highest standards of Chinuch to their students in an environment where each child is nurtured to achieve a close and loving relationship to Hashem and Torah.

  • Etta Brandman Klaristenfeld

    Special Counsel at Stroock, specializing in Trusts & Estates and Exempt Organizations. Etta's expertise has been sought in establishing "American Friends" support organizations for prominent Israeli NGOs. She serves on the boards and as counsel to numerous public charities and private foundations, including the Maks and Lea Rothstein Charitable Trust, which promotes educational and employment opportunities for Haredi men and women in Israel. Etta is a National VP of the Orthodox Union and founding Chair of its Women’s Initiative.

  • Noam Lautman

    Chairman of the Board of Directors of Delta Galil Industries Ltd. (NASDAQ: DELT). He is also the Chairman of Wafra Media and a director in Babcom Centers Ltd. Mr. Lautman is active in philanthropic and social endeavors, serving as Chairman of: The Lautman Family Foundation; Ma'ase, an organization that operates volunteer frameworks for young people in Israel; and the Living Together initiative, promoting social cohesion in the diverse Israeli society. Mr. Lautman is also a member of the Tel Aviv University and the Haifa University Boards of Governors.

  • Anne Neuberger

    Anne serves as Head of the NSA’s Cyber-security Directorate, having previously served in other high-tier positions at the NSA. Anne and her husband Yehuda are well known activists in the Baltimore Jewish Community.

  • Henry Orlinsky

    International investor and real estate operator and developer. He is Vice Chairman of Pangea Group Ltd., and Chairman of Magnolia Senior Living LLC. Henry serves the boards of several non-profits including Netzah Yehuda (Nachal Chareidi), RIETS and the Orthodox Union. He is active in Puerto Rico both as the founder of Chabad Puerto Rico and founder and chairman of PR4PR. Henry is involved in many educational institutions from elementary to university level.

  • Elio Moti Sonnenfeld

    Brazilian-born businessman and philanthropist. He is the founder of Keren Re’em and the Danielle Foundation and promotes unity and mutual respect among all sectors.

  • Jeff Swartz

    The former president and CEO of Timberland, Jeff currently invests his efforts in social entrepreneurship. In the United States, he partners with Share Our Strength and Partners in Health. In Israel Jeff‘s efforts aim to strengthen Israel as a Jewish democracy. As well as being the founding Board Chair of MAOZ, he serves on the Executive Board of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and on the boards of American Friends of Latet and Hashomer Hachadash.

  • Gary Torgow

    Executive Chairman of Chemical Financial Corporation, the largest banking company headquartered in the state of Michigan. Gary also serves on the boards of Blue Cross Blue Shield, the Detroit Regional Partnership, Yeshiva Beth Yehudah, the Orthodox Union, and the board of trustees at Beaumont Health Systems.