At a conference of the Jewish Funders Network held on March 12, 2018 Deputy Chair Nitsa (Kaliner) Kasir presented some facts and figures concerning Haredi employment. Kasir presented demographic projections demonstrating that the Haredi community can no longer be regarded as marginal, followed by data on haredi employment and income, and the discrepancies between the haredi community and the general population in this regard.

Beyond the dry facts, Kasir explained the characteristics typical of Haredi society and how these contribute to lower income, and presented recommendations to mitigate the problem and encourage gainful employment – several of which the institute is already implementing. Kasir summed up by saying that “In order to effect change, we need informed policy and long-term planning. For that, we need not only accurate data but a proper analysis thereof.”

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Nitsa (Kaliner) Kasir – Jewish Funders Network – Haredi Employment

An updated version: Nitsa (Kaliner) Kasir – Jewish Funders Network – Haredi Employment – An updated version 17-2-2019

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Nitsa (Kaliner) Kasir – Haredi Employment: Facts and Figures and the Story behind Them – April 2018