The Institute has secured the regard and trust of policymakers through productive collaboration with various government ministries (Treasury, Housing, Education, Welfare, Interior), industry leaders and community activists.

Recent Initiatives:

  • The Initiative for the Advancement of Haredim in High-Tech

Upgrading the educational standards in Haredi non-academic frameworks to meet the hiring needs of the high-tech sector, with the involvement of key Haredi and industry leaders.

  • Roadmap to Women’s Employment

Assessing the educational tracks and courses offered at seminaries in light of the 21st century job market, and activating strategic partners to implement reforms in vocational training.

  • Haredi Youth at Risk Phase I

Mapping the occurrence rates of youth at risk in the Haredi sector, according to locations, educational frameworks and communities. This will serve as a basis to better understand the factors and causes and enable more effective prevention and intervention strategies.

  • Municipal Management in Cities with Haredi Populations

A study and policy paper commissioned by the Interior Ministry will map the dynamics and needs of municipalities relating to Haredi residents.

  • Gemachim Campaign

Partnership with Gemachim and relevant governmental and regulatory bodies to promote regulation that ensures this important welfare mechanism is maintained.