After several months of preliminary discussions, the Ministry of Education signed a contract with the Haredi Institute for Public Affairs to conduct a comprehensive mapping of the youth-at-risk phenomenon in the Haredi community. A kickoff meeting was held between Institute representatives including CEO Yitzchak Pindrus and Chief Researcher Shlomit Shahino-Kesler and senior Ministry officials.

A team comprised of the Institute’s researchers, along with representatives from the Ministry of Education will collect and analyze data from the Ministry’s national database to form a mapping of Haredi youth-at-risk. The data analysis will be supplemented by fieldwork in 32 municipalities which have more than 3,000 children enrolled in the Haredi school system. The study will provide a clear map of the occurrence rates of youth-at-risk on a national scale, giving the Ministry of Education and philanthropists a better understanding of the factors and causes that prompt young drop-outs, and will enable them to invest in the most promising locales and programs. We expect to complete this study by October 2019.