As part of our Roadmap to Haredi Women’s Employment, an initiative that is reforming the vocational training curriculum in Haredi seminaries, the Institute achieved a significant milestone by facilitating two new vocational tracks to be offered for the first time in Haredi seminaries: dental hygienists and dental assistants.

In recent months, intensive discussions were held with the Ministry of Health to identify professions in the health sector that may be relevant to Haredi girls. A need was identified for dental hygienists and assistants, thus spurring negotiations with Hadassah Hospital, which will facilitate two training courses in Haredi seminaries: a 2-year training course for dental hygienists as well as a 1-year training course for dental assistants. The courses, which will be certified by the Ministry of Health, will be piloted in select seminaries in Jerusalem, Kiryat Sefer and the Central Region.