At the Jewish Funders Network International Conference, attended by representatives and heads of leading philanthropic foundations active in Israel, Vice Chair of the Institute Nitsa (Kaliner) Kasir presented demographic forecasts indicating the Haredi community’s growth in proportion to Israel’s population and its resultant significance.

Kasir spoke about the unique characteristics of the Haredi community, alongside the challenges and barriers to employment. She also presented several action items, as well as an overview of the Institute’s work being done to promote Haredi employment and improve the level of income. “In order to effect change in the economic standing of the Haredi community,” said Kasir, “we need informed policy and long-term vision. To formulate such policy, we need not only accurate data but a proper analysis thereof.”

Nitsa (Kaliner) Kasir – Jewish Funders Network – Haredi Employment – 12.3.2018

An updated version of a comprehensive presentation on Haredi Employment by Nitsa (Kaliner) Kasir:

 Nitsa (Kaliner) Kasir – Jewish Funders Network – Haredi Employment – An updated version – 17.2.2019