The Second Annual Conference of the Haredi Institute for Public Affairs was centered on bringing to light the Quality of Life among Israel’s Population Groups – a study conducted at the Institute by Nitsa (Kaliner) Kasir and Dmitri Romanov. This project constitutes a first-ever, systematic formulation of quality of life indicators for the three population groups comprising Israel’s multifaceted society – haredim, non-haredi Jews, and Arabs. The individuals belonging to these population groups differ in many respects, but they have an indisputable common denominator: they all care about personal well-being, social harmony and economic welfare.

The conference was held on May 23, 2018 at the Shalva Center in Jerusalem. In attendance were the President of Israel, the Minister of Justice, and officials from several government offices as well as professionals engaged with the study of haredi society. Hundreds of people attended a variety of fascinating lectures, gleaning much information from the Institute’s fields of research.

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