In 2016 the Institute published the following:

Policy documents:

  • Haredi Women’s Employment: Policy Review and Analysis – The purpose of this position paper is to bring the issue of haredi women’s employment back to the policy discourse. The issuee has been neglected for the last five years since women’s employment has achieved the goals set out by the government and the focus has shifted to men’s employment. The document, written in collaboration with the Temech organization, examines the development of haredi women’s employment policy, in the context of the unique needs of this particular group. The conclusions and recommendations presented in the document constitute a starting point for the Institute’s research plans in the field of women’s employment for the coming year.
  • Assessing The Need for Adapting the Development of Services for Haredi Women Entrepreneurs within the Framework of Government Policy – This policy paper presents thee activities of the Jerusalem Hub for haredi women entrepreneurs, operating under the auspices of the Temech organization. The document surveys the main characteristics of this group, the obstacles it faces, and the way in which the Jerusalem Hub’s action model is adapted to address them. The document presents the challenges this group poses to policymakers in Israel, as regards effective means of government support of this group, for the purpose of developing the haredi economy.


  • Haredi Women’s Identity in Heterogeneous Work Environments: Challenges, Coping Strategies and Implications – This study is based on dozens of interviews with haredi womenn working in heterogeneous environments, and presents how they cope with questions of identity posed by their workplace. The study presents policy recommendations for the successful integration of haredi women in heterogeneous work environments. Click here to read thee document (Hebrew).