The haredi sector’s public voice is not heard in the legal discourse. Time and again legal decisions are made that significantly affect the haredi community, without the community having taken part in the legal discussion or having its position adequately presented to decision makers.

Utilizing the counsel of lawyers and legal experts, the Institute works to present the haredi community’s stance regarding key issues on the national agenda to the courts and representatives of the Attorney General. Within this framework, the Institute engages with governmental agencies by alerting them to violations of rights in various cases and at times by joining relevant court cases or initiating such legal action. In many instances just one letter can bring about real change in governmental policy affecting the entire haredi community to a significant extent.

Concurrently the Institute has taken upon itself to engage with legislative and regulatory processes on matters affecting the haredi sector. To this end, the Institute is involved in the work of various Knesset committees, presents expert reports, and works with ministers and Members of Knesset from all parties, with the goal of giving expression to the haredi community’s stance and its interests.