A new study conducted by Nitsa (Kaliner) Kasir, the deputy chairman of the Chareidi Institute for Policy Affairs, Asaf Tzahor-Shai, a senior researcher at the Institute, and Shaked Adar, a researcher at the Institute, which recently examined the rates of volunteering in Israel, reveals that the closer one is to a religious lifestyle, the greater the willingness to volunteer and contribute to others – in terms of time (physically becoming involved) and money (financial contribution). The study analyzed the data of the Central Bureau of Statistics Social Survey, 2015-2017, the connection between contribution and volunteerism in each of the population groups in Jewish society. The data indicates that Israel is a “state of volunteers”: Some 64% of the Israeli population helps others through financial donations or volunteer activities, 59% contribute financially and 21% volunteer. However, the study shows that there is a great variance between populations in Israeli society, and the more religious a group is defined, the higher the rates of volunteerism and contribution.

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The Yeshiva World: Chareidim In Eretz Yisrael Lead When It Comes To Volunteerism & Donation Percentage Of Disposable Income (14.2.2019)

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