A study published last year by Nitsa (Kaliner) Kasir of the Haredi Institute for Public Affairs, titled: “Who Is Poor? Various Aspects of Poverty and Financial Management among the Haredi Public, concedes that, according to the official index compiled by the Israeli National Insurance Institute, the poverty rate in Haredi society is high and stands at over fifty percent. But there the similarities  between Arabs and Haredim end

With the understanding that poor people are more likely than others o be mired in debt, here’s a graph comparing Arab and Haredi society to the non-Haredi Jewish society in terms of dealing with debt: it appears that Arabs and Haredim who are on the same economic rung in terms of income, have a radically different approach to money. Israeli Arabs save little and borrow a lot, Haredim save a lot and limit their borrowing


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(Jewish Press: Study: Haredi Israelis Not So Poor Due to Low Debt (David Israel, 21.7.2019