Eli Paley on Calcalist Academy and Employment Conference

On 24 May 2022, participated Chairman of the Haredi Institute for Public Affairs Eli Paley in a panel titled “Is academia an effective tool for reducing gaps and occupational diversity?”. The panel took part in the Calcalist Academy and Employment conference in collaboration with the Rothschild Foundation. The panel was led by Calcalist reporter Shlomo Teitelbaum, and alongside Paley participated Dedi Perlmutter, Prof. Yifat Bitton, Prof. Bertold (Tolo) Friedlander and Dafna Aviram Nitzan.

Paley presented Academy as the main tool for integrating the Haredi population into the labor market – but also as the biggest obstacle to this very goal:

“Haredi society has been the disruptive child in the classroom of the academy for 15 years. Attempts are being made and huge resources are being invested under the assumption that the best way to lead the Haredi population into the labor market is the academy, and not only is this not true, the academy is the main obstacle today to the integration of the Haredi population into the labor market. The fact is, that we turned the academy into a conduit to the job market – and that was a step backward and not forward”

Photo: Yariv Katz