Article in “The Marker” Covers the Attempts of Increasing Employment of Haredim in Civil Service

On December 22, 2022, The Marker newspaper published an article by Merav Arlozorov dealing with attempts to recruit more Haredim to the civil service.

The article reviewed the government’s limited success in recruiting Haredi workers for careers in the public sector, and the proposals to encourage such recruits on the agenda. One of the proposals covered in the article was put forward by the Haredi Institute’s trustee Emi Palmer, and VP Dr. Eitan Regev.

Palmor and Regev were quoted as part of the article, and emphasized the importance of integrating Haredim into the civil service:

“The question is not what is good for the Haredim, but what is good for the state. The state wants the Haredim to work, feel involved, and take responsibility for life here. This is exactly what working in the civil service achieves.”