Not Only Black and White: A Learning Get-Together about Haredi Society

Want to get a close look of Haredi society and to receive professional tools for working with this community? Do you think it is important for your work teams to be familiar with and gain in-depth knowledge about the Haredi sector?

The Haredi Institute experts and knowledge are here for you. We offer companies and organizations tailored lectures and seminars that enable participants to get to know Haredi society up close… and from the inside.

The finest Haredi Institute researchers will present a comprehensive and coherent picture of all issues on the public agenda.

Topics include:

  • Streams in Haredi Society
  • The Employment and the Higher Education Market
  • The Haredi Education System and the Core Studies Issue
  • The Housing Crisis in the Haredi Sector
  • Haredi Media
  • Challenges and Solutions in Haredi-Secular Relations
  • Field Trips

We will be glad to design an activity tailored to your needs.

Please contact us at: [email protected]