Senior Researcher Miletzky in Diversity in High-tech Conference of Calcalist

This week, on 29 January 2023, participated the senior researcher Yehudit Miletzky of the Haredi Institute for Public Affairs in a panel regarding the power of high-tech to influence socio-economic issues on the public agenda, as party of the Diversity in High-tech Conference of Calcalist. Calcalist reporter Shahar Ilan led the panel, and was joined by Miletzky, lawyer Itay Frishman, Dr. Galit Desheh and Dr. Marian Tehawkho.

Miletzky elaborated on the hardships in diversity in business, and of the importance of High-tech as a opportunity for equality and as a tool to reducing social gaps:

“I think successful diversification depends on two main factors. The employers are the first factor and the employees are the second. The other in the company must be accommodated, and when we look at a socio-economic crisis that is emerging, sheer survival occupies an important share. It’s a challenge for employers and I think the main challenge lies with the employees, who have to accommodate the other. The voices coming from the field in this regard are worrying. The social rift permeates – and the conditions made for special populations may make certain companies feel deprived.”

“It is important to understand that High-tech is the most significant arena of Israeli society, and this is an opportunity to create real change in society. I think that diversity in the context of ultra-Orthodox women needs to move from talking about quantity to talking about quality. We need to get out of our comfort zones and create role models.”

Yehudit Miletzky