Virtual Meeting for Philanthropists in the Jewish Funders Network

The Haredi Institute led a virtual meeting on May 5, 2020 for philanthropists in the Jewish Funders Network, to discuss challenges and opportunities arising from the Coronavirus pandemic for the Haredi community. discussion on the unique needs relating to Israel’s ultra-Orthodox society in light of the corona crisis. The discussion addressed the prominent aspects that emerge in the face of the crisis: the socioeconomic development of ultra-Orthodox society, the engagement of local authorities and local leadership, and the role of Haredi civil-society organizations in providing solutions tailored to the needs of ultra-Orthodox society.

Representatives from the Haredi Institute for Public Affaris included:

Roy Cohen – CEO of the Haredi Institute | Nitsa Kaliner Kasir – Vice Chairman, Haredi Institute; Former Head of the Labor Market and Social Policy Divisions at Bank of Israel | Yitzchak Pindrus – Former Mayor of Beitar Illit; Former Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem | Major General (Res.) Roni Numa –Head of Bnei Brak’s emergency team and the IDF Central Command Unit |Yehudit Miletzky – Senior Researcher at the Institute