“Harness Haredi Society to Israel’s Security Needs” | Eli Paley on the Planned Draft and Exemption Guidelines on Kan11

Yesterday (16.4.2023) appeared Chairman Eli Paley in an interview with Kalman Liebskind on channel Kan11.

The subject of discussion was the planned change in the draft and exemption guidelines regarding Yeshiva students, which plans to lower the age of exemption from military service form 26 to 21.


Mr. Paley referred to the clash of the matter of equality in the burden and the Haredi employment rates problem: “We didn’t solve the problem of equality that has accompanied us for 75 years here. The solution that we are trying to suggest addresses the problem of the connection between the Haredi employment challenge and the controversial army. The fact that we haven’t solved the problem of service in the army, the economy cannot allow us to continue for so many years the parade of folly in which a Haredi youth who wants to combine studying Torah and making a living cannot do it because he has to be part of a script in which once a year, he is required to get a draft postponement ”



Paley added and emphasized that the road to equality does not end with a full service in the IDF. “We have created an anomaly here for 75 years in which the Haredi society does not integrate into the employment market or enters the employment age at a very late age, and all so that we can maintain the appearance of equality”. “Contributing to Israel’s security should not end with the question of whether or not to join the army at the age of 18. There are so many possibilities to harness Haredi society and it’s abilities to Israel’s security needs.”


Lowering the exemption age was included in the Haredi institute recommendations to the new government as part of the 100-day plan for socio-economic advancement for the Haredi population. To read the full program click here.