Dr. Tamar Berenblum

Dr. Tamar Berenblum
Senior Researcher

Tamar Berenblum holds a doctorate in criminology from the Hebrew University. In recent years, Tamar has served as Director of Research at the Cyber Center in Hebrew University's Law Faculty and as Co-chair of the Cyber Crime Working Group in the European Society of Criminology. She is a research fellow at the Research Center for Cyber, Law and Policy at Haifa University; at the NSCR Research Institute in Holland; and at the Research Based Policy Center for Cyber Security in University of Georgia, in the U.S.

In addition to research in the area of cyber, Tamar is involved in several studies in the area of victimology, juvenile delinquency, human rights and linguistic accessibility to law.

Tamar is involved in teaching and providing academic mentorship for students at Hebrew University; the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center; College for Management and Business in Ramat Gan; and Ono College.

She also serves as a public representative in the Prison Release Committee and volunteers in several organizations including "Bishvil Hadror", which assists families in crisis and "Matzilot Mazon", which promotes food security and prevents food waste.

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