“Why we failed in integrating Haredi Men to the Workforce”: Article by Yehudit Miletzky

in 5 February 2023, Published Ynet an Opinion column by senior researcher Yehudit Miletzky.

“The common conversation around employment of Haredi men is how to get more of them to enter the labor market. But in order to find a n answer to the How, we have to first consider the Why.

The average monthly pay for a working Haredi man is approximately half of the pay that a non-Haredi man receives (8889 NIS vs. 17678 NIS). The average hourly rate of a Haredi man is lower than that of a Haredi woman – which is lower than a non-Haredi women’s rate, who earns less than a non-Haredi man. In fact, the average wage a Haredi man makes is so meager, that even when he is employed, he would barely reach the minimal tax rate.”

(translated from the article)

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