The Haredi Institute and the Minister of Welfare to Formulate Welfare Programs Adapted to the Haredi Public

The Haredi Institute representatives met (Sunday, 14.05.23) with Minister of Welfare Yaakov Margi to discuss the formulation of a national plan to characterize the welfare needs of the Haredi public, while adapting the offered solutions to the needs of the disadvantaged population in Haredi society and strengthening social resilience.

Minister Margi showed great interest in promoting the process of characterizing the needs of the Haredi public in a way that is based on data and research. The minister ordered a joint working meeting with the director general of the ministry and the professional teams, in order to advance the plan and bring about a change in the existing situation for the benefit of the Haredi population.

The meeting with the minister, which was held in his office in Jerusalem, was attended by the chairman Eli Paley; CEO Udi Ben-Dror; head of health and welfare Roni Barboy ; research associate  Meir Hirshman ; director of communications and strategy Yaakov Izak and other representatives on behalf of the Haredi institute.

CEO Udi Ben-Dror: “The Haredi population currently does not fully receive the services that the Ministry of Welfare wishes to provide them. This is not due to a lack of budget, but as a result of a lack of accurate data and a lack of sufficient familiarity with the characteristics of Haredi society and its unique needs. The institute’s researchers and the professional teams of the Ministry of Welfare will try to come up together with the right mechanisms, adapting the various Ministry programs to the nature and fabric of Haredi life, and how to ultimately improve the welfare services for the entire Haredi society.”

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