“Haredi Business Make Less Profit” – Three Articles based on Institute’s Study

During June 2022 published three different news-websites, Calcalist (Shahar Ilan), Haredim10 (Yoni Green) and B’Hadrei Haredim (Israel Lefkowitz) articles discussing the worrying data found by the Haredi Institute for Public Affairs regarding Haredi small businesses and self-employed.

The articles presented the data of the research conducted at the Institute, and included quotes from the Institute’s staff, among which are Chairman Eli Paley, VP Dr. Eitan Regev, Haredi Fellow Meir Hirshman and research assistant Shany Zussman-Efrati.

“The Haredi Institute for Public Affairs explains that the purpose of the study is to present an in-depth picture, as much as possible, of the state of Haredi businesses in Israel, and to identify and map their unique challenges and opportunities; this while referring to the aid operations that exist today and examining their integration into the field of Haredi businesses and freelancers, and from this – to point out the gaps and the barriers that exist today for the Haredi business owner. All of this – to enable policymakers and organizations operating in the field to make data-based decisions that will lead to improving the situation of Haredi small businesses, thereby helping Haredi society in particular and Israel’s economy in general.”