Dr. Eitan Regev

Dr. Eitan Regev
VP Data & Research

Dr. Eitan Regev is an economist who is regarded as a leading expert in research of the Ultra-Orthodox economy in Israel. He holds a PhD in Economics from the Hebrew University – where he also teaches Macroeconomics. Eitan’s research encompasses a variety of fields, including the ultra-Orthodox economy, labor productivity, optimal taxation, vocational training, higher education, and the Israeli health system.

Prior to joining the Haredi Institute, Eitan served as a research fellow at the Israel Democracy Institute and as a senior researcher at the Taub Center. He also worked as an economist in several government offices, including the Ministry of Health’s budget division. In 2016 Eitan conducted, for the Council of Higher Education, the quantitative evaluation research for the Five-year plan to integrate Haredim in Academic Studies.

Eitan’s prominent research papers about the Haredi economy include a seminal paper about education and employment in the Haredi sector (2013); a follow-up research that analyzed the economic conduct of Haredi households in Israel, and the sources of their incomes (2014); an in depth study of the challenges of integrating Haredim in academic studies (2016); and the patterns of Haredi integration in the labor market (2017). He recently published (with Gabriel Gordon) an innovative book about The Haredi Housing Market and the Geographical Distribution of Israeli Haredim (2019), as well as a pioneering research paper about the scope of transitions of Israeli Jews between religious groups and levels of religiosity (2020).

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