Haredi Society – Situation Report 2016

Researchers: Neri Horowitz
In August 2016 the institute published a comprehensive updated situation report on the various aspects of the lives of the haredi public. The situation report presented in the document is based on an initial, but comprehensive survey of the main data collected in recent years regarding haredi society.

The institute’s research team, led by institute fellow Dr. Neri Horowitz, composed a situation report prospectus of the fabric of haredi life in a variety of fields and contexts. The document combines data on haredi society from various sources, and with respect to a range of social, economic and cultural aspects. These data serve the research community and decision makers in this field. The document collates data from the big government surveys, various administrative data and focused research by bodies within haredi society and builds a broad, rich and detailed picture.

The document was compiled with the assistance of Merav Greenstein from the Research and Economics Administration at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and the staff of the Aaron Institute for Economic Policy.


Photo: Flash 90

Neri Horowitz

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